The Top 7 Relationship Counselling Benefits

The Top 7 Relationship Counselling Benefits

Adelaide Counselling Practice has been helping individuals and families with their relationships since 2007. They are a member of the Australian Counselling Association and are open extended hours every day of the week at a time and location to suit you. Teleservices are available, which makes our services available to anyone in Australia.

Relationships can feel like hard work, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With some caring, supporting training and advice you can have quality relationships with those closest to you. Going to relationship counselling may seem a little daunting, but at Adelaide Counselling Practice you can relax. We ensure that the process is comfortable, positive and that you get results.

Here are the top 7 relationship counselling benefits:

1. Improved Communication

Relationships are formed and solidified by openness and trust. As couples talk about any issues in therapy this builds on trust and allows the couple to work their way through bigger issues so that they gradually understand each other better. All parties have the opportunity to speak their mind with a trained and neutral therapist present.

2. Enhance your Relationship

Couples counselling, or relationship therapy in Adelaide, can strengthen bonds within couples. While it is common to go to a one off counselling session prior to getting married, relationship therapy at any stage of a couple’s life together can be beneficial to enhance relationships. Over time relationships can become soured by life, other commitments, jealousy and different personal interests. This can be evident in romantic relationships, family relationships, and even with friends and colleagues.

3. Increase your Happiness

What we all want ultimately is to be happy. In modern times it is easier to find happiness outside relationships in other places and things like gadgets, smartphones and TV.

A person who is chronically unhappy can have difficult relationships, which can lead to a cycle of distress and unresolved issues when it comes to family, friends, and people generally. Whatever your situations now, happiness can be improved on at a deeper level.

4. Dealing with Adversity

Dealing with a life changing event such as divorce, death of a loved one, a health scare or health issues, teenage problems and more can take its toll on our emotional and mental health.

There are many marriages where relationship counselling can help and will prevent the heartbreak and suffering that can occur with breakups. In some case divorce is clearly the best option. Our relationship therapists can ensure that there is a peace and harmony between the people concerned, and understand which is a positive outcome for the adults and the children moving forward.

Divorce may be the best outcome for some couples. Relationship therapy in Adelaide can help you to decide on whether working through problems that led to the disconnection is a better option than divorce itself.

5. Feel Less Alone

When you feel alone with your problems, feelings and issues can be discussed with a therapist that is neutral to you and comes from a place of non judgement. This gives you the opportunity to talk about things you would not generally talk about to friends and family. Adelaide Counselling Practice offers a safe, caring and supporting environment. By feeling less alone and isolated with your problems you can move forward.

6. Good Health All Round

Good mental health will help your physical health and you will have the energy to spend more time on a healthier lifestyle which will in turn improve your mindset and create positive endorphins. In this way you produce a positive cycle that helps you feel good inside and out. If your exercise regime means that you are spending time with other people, this can be extremely comforting and helps you to deal with lonely feelings. This cycle is a win win.

7. Greater Senses of Self Awareness

By discussing relationship issues with one of our trained relationship therapists in Adelaide, all parties obtain a greater level of self-awareness which gives you confidence and makes seeing others perspectives easier.

Adelaide Counselling Practice can help you with relationship issues whether that be with a spouse or significant other, family relationships or ongoing issues with friendships and neighbours. Contact us for an appointment today.