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Adelaide Counselling Practice has been working with clients to help address a number of issues through individual and relationship counselling services in Adelaide. With a dedicated counsellor to assist with the right therapy, support and guidance, it is possible to manage and even alleviate any of the below listed conditions and issues that are prevalent in your life.

Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling in Adelaide is extremely beneficial in helping couples learn how to relate to each other and move past road blocks that may be present in the relationship. The difference that professional relationship counselling can make to your relationship can sometimes be beyond measure.

Family Counselling

Anyone who is a parent knows that taking care of a child can be very rewarding, yet extremely difficult. Occasionally, we need parenting tools in order to keep ourselves calm and in control of defiant children. Learning alternative parenting skills can improve the quality of your lives and will also offer your children better role models.

Marriage Counselling

Our Marriage Counsellors are compassionate, experienced and knowledgeable in being able to give you a better understanding of your relationship problems, and help you become “unstuck” in your marriage and couples counselling sessions. We are here to help clients overcome their problems and create better and stronger relationships.

Men’s Counselling

Adelaide Counselling Practice offers counselling for adult men and young men interested in working through a specific challenge, issue or problem in their lives. Men’s Counselling can make use of many techniques, and also brings with it an understanding of the issues, challenges, and desires of men in the world today.

Abuse (Sexual & Emotional) Counselling

Abuse can be in the form of domestic violence, emotional abuse, elder abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, child abuse, or some other form of trauma. One of the greatest tools is to realise we are not alone in the way we feel, and these feelings and issues can be resolved with quality care and attentive listening between counsellor and client.

Grief & Loss Counselling

There is no ‘right way’ way to grieve, and misconceptions about the grieving process can make the bereaved person question their feelings and sanity. Understanding what grief can be like, finding ways to safely express strong emotions, and coming up with coping tools & strategies can all help a bereaved person to endure the pain of their loss.

Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety disorders are a group of illnesses, each characterised by persistent feelings of high anxiety. These are feelings of continual or extreme discomfort and tension, with the fear of panic attacks, usually without discernible cause.

Depression Counselling

The term ‘clinical depression’ describes not just one illness but a group of illnesses characterised by excessive or long-term depressed mood which affects the person’s life. If these symptoms persist, then counselling can provide you with a safe, supportive and confidential environment to explore your thoughts and feelings.

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