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Zoom & Phone Counselling Adelaide

Online counselling is as effective as face to face counselling without the need to leave the comfort of your own home. At Adelaide Counselling Practice, we offer the convenience of online counselling services through Zoom and we can even provide Phone Counselling services to all of our clients where required. If you’re having troubles in your relationships, or suffering from loneliness or anxiety and depression, there is still help available. Adelaide Counselling Practice have accredited Counsellors and Psychotherapists available for Online and Telephone counselling sessions for individuals, couples or families across Adelaide. Call us today to arrange a male or female counsellor to help you with a range of mental health and family and relationship issues today on (08) 8237 0509. Online & Telephone Counselling is perfect for:

  • People who are working from home
  • People who are self-isolating or practicing social distancing
  • People who are unable to attend a regular counselling session
  • Parents with young children
  • People with physical disabilities
  • Busy businessmen/women
  • People suffering from agoraphobia
  • People located in rural and remote areas
  • People without a driver’s licence
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Although counselling can be effective when using the telephone, we believe seeing your counsellor is the most beneficial to provide you with better solutions to your problems.

By using webcam or online counselling, this allows you and your therapist to feel as if you are in the same room, thus providing the same emotional connection that would be established face to face.

If you are interested in talking over your webcam, please send us an email, send us a message through the contact form or call us and we can organise a session via Skype.

Telephone counselling sessions can still be beneficial for many people if webcam facilities are not readily available, and one of our accredited counsellors or psychotherapists can contact you via phone for an appointment if that is a more convenient option for you.

Contact the professional and friendly team at Adelaide Counselling Practice for an online or telephone counselling appointment today.

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    Appointments Available 9am-9pm, 7 Days a Week

    At our ACP offices at 1st Floor, 213 Greenhill Road, Eastwood SA 5063

    Or via Telephone or Zoom


    Individual counselling $140.00 per hour

    Relationship counselling $160.00 per hour

    Family counselling $170.00 per hour

    EAP counselling $176.00 per hour

    NDIS counselling $176.00 per hour

    *All fees include GST


    (08) 8237 0509

    Call between 8.30 am & 5 pm on weekdays or visit our website to fill out an enquiry form  or email us.

    Appointments Available 7 Days, 9am-9pm

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