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We’ve helped thousands of people throughout Adelaide with the struggles they’ve experienced with depression, anxiety, grief, marriage and family counselling, as well as a host of other mental health and building stronger and healthier relationships.

I had lost my partner of 20 years a couple of years ago and I needed someone to talk to who was willing to listen to my feelings of despair, heart break and anger. My counsellor listened without judgment and provided a warm, safe and caring environment. Together we worked on gradually lessening the suffering of negative thoughts and emotions I was experiencing. Through the counselling I started to find my feet again. I still experience difficult thoughts and feelings, but I am able to manage them much better. I have since started socializing again and found new hobbiesLiu Meng


I have always been an anxious and depressed person. I started to believe that was me and that nothing would change. A friend recommended I talk with a counsellor. It took me quite a while to do that but I’m so glad I did. Although it was nerve wrecking to start the process, it became a little bit easier each session I went to. To have someone in your corner and work with you closely is amazing. The counsellor gave me guidance and provided coping tools and strategies to manage my anxiety and depression better. I did a lot of work in between sessions and I found that I was able to reduce the intensity of my emotions and live a more enjoyable lifeJessica Alexander


We have been together 10 years and at times it has been a roller coaster ride. To start with everything was fine. We had freedom and hardly any responsibilities. Now with 2 kids and busy jobs it is like we don’t know each other anymore. We hardly have quality time together and I really miss that. We decided to do something about it and get some counselling. It turned out it was the best thing we did. We learned about what we both valued the most, how to improve our communication and what to do to improve our relationship. We found the counselling process really helpful and we learned a lot more about each other and what we want from our lives. Now we still have our challenging moments, but we talk much more to work things out without fighting all the time. We also make sure we have more quality time together. I would definitely recommend giving it a goRobert Messina

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