Marriage Counselling

relationship counselling adelaide

What Is Our Process for Marriage Counselling

Our process for marriage counselling starts with an initial consultation where you get to discuss your concerns and choose a counsellor you wish to work with for your subsequent marriage counselling sessions. You can take marriage counselling as a couple or as an individual.

During the first session, our counsellor will identify the most pressing issue and explore patterns that are toxifying your relationship. Soon after your first session, our counsellor will discuss if further sessions will be beneficial depending on your needs, difficulties, and issues. After every session, our counsellor will review your progress and discuss if more sessions are needed.

The number of sessions is purely based on your needs and progress. While it takes a few sessions to start seeing results, we don’t insist on a fixed number of sessions. It is always your decision to continue with the sessions or not.

There is no quick fix for a broken or troubled relationship. It takes a lot of patience, time, and effort to build a loving, respectful, and long-lasting relationship.

At Adelaide Counselling Practice, our approach to working with you is based on mutual respect, impartiality and understanding. We use a variety of evidence-based psychological approaches to assist, educate and support you and your partner to help improve and strengthen your relationship. We help you build meaningful relationships.

relationship counselling adelaide

Marriage Counselling Adelaide

Marriage is a long-term commitment built on trust, respect, honesty, and other strong values. Our highly trained and experienced marriage counsellors at Adelaide Counselling Practice are available 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm to help you improve, strengthen, and rebuild your relationship.

Marriages are challenging. It requires the combined effort and commitment of both partners to work together in strengthening their bonds. Some of the common issues that most couples face are:

  • – My spouse is not willing to discuss their feelings and / or their wants & needs.
  • – I am getting lost in the relationship and feel like I am losing my identity.
  • – We are more like friends and sometimes it feels more like flat mates.
  • – We have issues with raising our children and / or we have different parenting styles.
  • – We do not spend enough quality time together.
  • – My partner/I had an affair.
  • – We are not emotionally connecting well.
  • – We have constant disagreements about finances and household management.
relationship counselling adelaide
relationship counselling adelaide

Is Marriage Counselling Beneficial?

It can be helpful and positive for your relationship, to become aware of and identify the issues in your relationship and to seek counselling. Marriage counselling can help you renew and strengthen your marital vows. The sooner you start working together on the unresolved issues that you are experiencing in your marriage the better. Leaving issues to fester is not going to lead to a happy and productive marriage for either of you.

Adelaide Counselling Practice’s highly trained marriage counsellors have helped many clients to resolve issues and improve their relationship. Some of our clients sight their marriage therapy with helping to avoid separation and divorce. However, in other cases separation or divorce can be a healthier choice and our counsellors can help you navigate through this process.

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