Partnering with ACP for your EAP in Adelaide

Partnering with ACP for your EAP in Adelaide

Mental health issues affect nearly all of us and as a business owner or manager you will likely supervise a worker that has an issue of some kind that effects their wellbeing.
Employment Assistance Programs (EAPs) are offered to companies throughout Australia. Adelaide Counselling Practice provides EAP at our CBD office, and our counsellors can also attend your office or to your team members home for counselling if required.

Therapists are available from Monday to Sunday from 9am to 9pm.


Adelaide Counselling Practice’s EAP offering represents employers, providers and practitioners in Adelaide to deliver by delivering our Employee Assistance Programs to workplaces. The primary objective of an EAP is to give assistance to employees that suffer from emotional and psychological issues that can negatively impact their well being and their work.

Our EAP program helps you to help your staff deal with work or personal issues in a positive manner. Staff are counselled short term or long-term and are given tools to use in day to day life which put them to be in a better state of emotional well being.

Flexible on and Off-Site Employee Counselling (EAP) Services

Adelaide Practice realises that it can be difficult for staff to attend appointments, and so we offer flexibility in where and when they use EAP services with us.

Some employees prefer the privacy of sessions at our offices or in an office at the workplace. It is completely up to the individual.

7 days a week Appointments between 9am and 9pm

We offer employee counselling services every day of the week, including weekends, for extended hours between 9am and 9pm. No matter how busy work and home life for your team member is, there is sure to be a time that suits them.

Face to Face, Telephone and Skype Counselling

We offer face to face counselling, telephone, and skype counselling services. Staff can use a combination of these services to see what works best for them. Some people prefer to speak to therapists in person while others prefer the flexibility of telephone and Skype. With phone or internet access staff have the benefit of saving on travelling time while having easy access to counsellors from wherever they are.

Counselling at Our Office, the Staff Member’s Residence or at Your Workplace

Adelaide Counselling Practice therapists proved EAP services at not only a time that suits staff but a place that suits as well. Staff members can have appointments at our CBD offices in Carrington Street, Adelaide, or if it is more convenient, we can come to their home or your workplace for sessions.

Wherever you are in Adelaide our counsellors can come to you.

Friendly Female and Male Counsellors

Our counsellors are friendly, experienced, and qualified. They have a wide variety of experience in detailing with a broad range of issues including family, work, relationship, conflict management, and grief counselling. Some people have a preference for a female or male counsellor, and the Adelaide Counselling Practice has members of both sexes as team members.

Staff members can stay with the one counsellor for the duration of their EAP sessions, and have the option to continue with them once EAP finishes if they feel this would be beneficial. The EAP session not only helps your staff member in the workplace, they help the spouse and family of the person having the therapy too. Under EAP, family members can also receive counselling.

Benefits for Employers

When team members are suffering from stress related, emotional, or mental health issues this can affect their performance at work. When productivity begins to suffer, your business suffers.

EAP Services offered at Adelaide Counselling Practice offers many benefits to employers. These include:
• Increased wellness of staff. Wellness is not only geared to creating a safe work environment or preventing accidents. It is about supporting employees in their personal and professional lives.
• Reduction of absenteeism
• Attracting top talent
• Strengthen the workplace’s mental health overall
• Improve productivity
• Reduce costs that are incurred due to poor performance
• Fulfilment of corporate social responsibility obligations
• Retaining employees

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) in Adelaide

Businesses can access EAP assistance through Adelaide Counselling Practice. EAP can assist employees to resolve problems that they may be facing in many areas of their lives. Our forms of therapy include:
• Marriage and relationship counselling
• Family issues
• Problems with teenagers
• Financial problems
• Legal problems
• Workplace stress
• Emotional issues
• Serious health problems
• Addiction and substance abuse
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Excessive stress
• Other personal issues

Employee counselling is a third party service, which takes the burden from the employer and allows employees access to diverse resources that are far greater than one business can reasonably offer. Many employers that want to stay engaged with their staff and improve their performance in the workplace are turning to EAP.

Many employees do not know that EAP is an option. It is important that they are made aware so that they can manage their daily lives while remailing productive even in challenging experiences or circumstances. Any EAP benefits received from employees remain confidential. No information is disclosed to anyone without written consent of the staff member.

Mental health affects all of us. For more information on how Adelaide Counselling Practice can help you access EAP services for management and staff, contact us.