Find Help For Depression & Anxiety in Adelaide

Find Help For Depression & Anxiety in Adelaide

Depression and anxiety can be debilitating conditions that severely impact your quality of life, including your work life and relationships, and the enjoyment you take in activities and social events.

For this reason, it can be extremely important to seek out means to help treat these conditions and alleviate the symptoms and the impact they have on your life, through such measures as depression help and anxiety counselling.

Here are some of the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety that may be alleviated through the use of a professional counsellor, psychotherapist and therapy services.

Signs of Depression

Depression can last for weeks or months, and the distressing nature of depression and the impact it has on everyday life is one of the most common reasons people seek depression help in Adelaide.

Signs you may be experiencing depression include behavioural changes like withdrawing from social engagements, difficulty concentrating at work or even the inability to attend work, and generally not enjoying the same activities you once did.

Signs of depression can also include thoughts and feelings of worthlessness, prolonged sadness, excessive guilt and frustration, and even a sense of true hopelessness.

There are also physical signs of depression that indicate it is time to seek help, including regularly feeling tired and lethargic and not wanting to get out of bed, having trouble sleeping or sleeping excessively, or a loss or increase in appetite.

Depression can even result in an overall feeling of being run down and physical feelings of being sick in the stomach.

Symptoms Of Anxiety

Most people will experience some form of mild anxiety from time to time and that’s perfectly natural. But when anxiety becomes prominent, excessive and regular and becomes overwhelming, then this is the point when people reach out for anxiety counselling in Adelaide.

The symptoms of problematic anxiety can include excessive panic and worry and thinking that includes catastrophising and obsessive thoughts.

This can lead to behavioural changes, like avoiding certain situations including work, school and social situations and the stress of missing these engagements can, in turn, cause additional anxiety and excessive worry.

Avoiding social situations can be the result of or the onset of social anxiety, which can become very debilitating and isolating. The symptoms of anxiety can also include physical feelings of panic, tightness in the chest and the physical sense of feeling short of breath and having your heart race.

Cause Of Depression & Anxiety

It is unknown what the true cause of depression and anxiety is and reasons for developing these conditions can vary from individual to individual.

Your anxiety or depression could be triggered by a relationship breakdown or emotional or physical abuse, it could be related to prolonged stress or long periods of isolation or loneliness, or a tragic life event or circumstance.

You could also have a predisposition for depression or anxiety through family history or personality traits.

Treatments For Anxiety & Depression

There are many ways to treat anxiety and depression for individuals suffering from these conditions in Adelaide.

These include many forms of depression and anxiety therapy, including talking to a counsellor, psychiatrist or psychotherapist, and some individuals will even benefit from the use of depression and anxiety medications.

Individual or relationship counselling can have a great impact on your depression and anxiety through talking about your feelings and understanding them and getting to some of the root causes of your depression and anxiety.

It is also a great way to develop coping mechanisms and strategies for dealing with the symptoms, emotions and behaviours associated with your depression or anxiety.

Counselling Services in Adelaide

Adelaide Counselling Practice has a team of caring, supportive and highly skilled depression and anxiety counsellors and psychotherapists who can help you on your journey to alleviate the behaviours, emotions and physical effects of your depression and/or anxiety.

Contact us today on (08) 8237 0509 or send us an enquiry through our contact page.

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