Grief & Loss Counselling in Adelaide

Grief & Loss Counselling in Adelaide

Grief is our response to loss. It is often thought that people progress through grief in similar ways, but this isn’t the case. Everyone experiences grief differently because our reaction depends on a range of individual factors, such as our personality and age, our relationship with the deceased, cultural practices, the level of social support and our spiritual beliefs.

There is no ‘right way’ way to grieve, and misconceptions about the grieving process can make the bereaved person question their feelings and sanity. Understanding what grief can be like, finding ways to safely express strong emotions, and coming up with coping strategies can all help a bereaved person to endure the pain of their loss.

• Death of a loved one
• Diagnosis of a terminal or debilitating illness
• Children leaving/staying home
• Loss of job
• Loss of relationship
• Any loss that makes you feel very sad

If you or some you know is struggling with grief or the loss of a loved one, contact us to speak with one of our grief counsellors in Adelaide on Ph: (08) 8237 0509.

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