Dealing With Relationship Break Ups

Dealing With Relationship Break Ups

A break up or the end of a marriage has been likened to a state of grief in that people experience a true sense of loss and grief towards the lost relationship, the life that it brought with it and all those lost future plans that came with the relationship.

After the end of a relationship, people report experiences of great loss and sadness and this impacts their everyday life. This can cause overwhelming pain and can even make daily tasks like performing at your optimum at work and getting the household chores done seem difficult, stressful and trying.

Even if the relationship has become hard or is no longer healthy, dealing with the break up or end of a marriage can be extremely difficult and painful.

How Counselling Can Help

The stress and heartbreak of a relationship’s end can often seem overwhelming, but you don’t need to go through this challenging time in your life alone. A trained relationship counsellor can help you rebuild your life and develop strategies to help with the healing and assist you to rebuild your life after a break up or divorce.

Counselling is not just for mental health concerns related to depression and anxiety, it can also be highly beneficial in helping to mend your heartbreak and grief after the end of a relationship.

Why See a Counsellor?

Seeing a counsellor is about having a safe place to talk about your feelings with a trained therapist who understands the hardships and complexities involved in the anguish and pain of a break up.

A professional can offer you the support you need and help provide you with strategies to manage your grief and set coping strategies in place to rebuild your life again.

Relationship counselling provides you with a safe and secure environment to really open up about your feelings where you are 100% supported.

Finding Counsellors in Adelaide

If you’re experiencing the loss of a relationship, be it a break up or a divorce, you can find support with our trained counsellors at Adelaide Counselling Practice. Call our friendly team on (08) 8237 0509 or contact us through our enquiry form. Our relationship counsellors are here to help.

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