Covid-19 highlights the importance of an Employee Assistance Program

Covid-19 highlights the importance of an Employee Assistance Program

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted all Adelaide workers in one way or another. For some it has been a mild inconvenience while for others Covid-19 has created financial and family pressures and mental health issues due to loss of jobs and/or having to change the way that they work and live.

Employers simply cannot know how much of an impact the virus has had on employees on an individual basis.

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Programs allows staff to access short term therapy to help deal with issues that they may be facing at home and at work. For many 2020 has been one of their most stressful years to date and stress can begin to impact their mental health.

Employees need to feel they can talk to their managers about their home and emotional health issues and feel confident that they will be given the support they need. Managers and business owners likewise need support in the form of counselling so that they are best equipped to cope with the stresses of these fast levels of change that are occurring in both the workplace and throughout the world.

Covid-19 Has Introduced Massive Changes

With the advent of Covid-19 there has been unprecedented change. This has affected business owners, employees, managers, home life and the way we work. More people than ever in history now work from home. With increased redundancies often remaining staff have a higher work load and there is an increased pressure to perform. Everyone relates to change differently. While some thrive in an environment that is fast changing and see it as exciting, there are others that get stressed with even minor changes.

With Covid, Change is Constant

If the structure or regulations of your business are changing because of Covid 19 try to be sensitive about it, and open to staff about the changes. Have regular meetings to highlight where your business is at and communicate any anticipated changes that may occur in the following months.

How Your Team Can Benefit from Adelaide Counselling Practice Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Adelaide Counselling Practice are providers of Employee Assistance Programs and are available for partnership with businesses across Adelaide. We can provide counselling to staff members in your organisation to help them cope with change, financial concerns, legal concerns and any other issues that are coming up in their work and family life.

We realise that people are busy and so our EAP sessions are very flexible in terms of location and appointment times. Staff can have counselling sessions at your workplace, at our city location, or at their homes. Telesessions are also available via Skype and telephone. We offer counselling with caring professionals 7 days per week from 9am to 9pm. The Employee Assistance program not only offers therapy sessions to staff, but also to their families.

Our staff are experienced, kind and fully accredited. Contact us for more information about how we can help your business and staff as a provider of Employee Assistance Programs in Adelaide today.