Benefits Of Relationship Counselling

Benefits Of Relationship Counselling

Couple sessions are very different to individual sessions as the client is seen as the relationship between the two people rather than either individual.

They are extremely beneficial in learning how to relate to each other and moving past blocks that may be present in the relationship. The difference that couple counselling can make to children in a relationship can sometimes be beyond measure.

While couple counselling is typically focused on intimate relationships, these sessions are not restricted to your primary relationship. They can benefit family members, friends and even work colleagues.

Couple counselling can also be an extremely valuable process in helping minimise the issues in the relationship between divorced or separated parents who have children in common.

If you have a partner who is not yet confident to come to counselling, one partner attending counselling on behalf of the couple can make a difference to the relationship.

Understandably, the process may move along faster if both partners attend. However, often with a reluctant partner, one partner learns tools that they can use to significantly alter the patterns that occur in the relationship.

In many instances the reluctant partner, seeing the changes that the work is having on the relationship, decides of their own accord to actively engage in the process.

Why People Come to Relationship Counselling

Common problem areas that bring people to marriage or relationship counselling include:

• A lack of trust between the two partners.
• Sexual infidelity of one or both partners.
• A feeling of disconnectedness from one’s partner.
• Unfulfilled emotional needs: hurt, anger, neglect, disrespect.
• Frequent arguments, or a repeated argument about the same issue(s).
• Conflicts about financial or career matters.
• Conflicts about gambling, addictions or other behaviours.
• Personality and value differences
• Aggressive and passive aggressive communications styles
• Conflicts about children or family members
• Differences in sexual needs

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