Finding the Right Marriage Counsellor

Finding the Right Marriage Counsellor

Our Marriage Counsellors are compassionate, experienced and knowledgeable in being able to give you a better understanding of your relationship problems, and help you become “unstuck” in your marriage and couples counselling sessions.

We are here to help clients overcome their problems and create better and better relationships.

Some of the common problems marriage counselling can help with:
– We have lost that loving feeling; I don’t know whether I even love my partner, or I love him but am not ‘in love with him” any more
– We are like flatmates rather than partners, friends but not lovers anymore
– We argue, complain about and criticise each other.
– One or both of us shuts down and withdraws rather than communicates well

Areas where Marriage Counselling can assist:

• My partner is controlling or verbally abusive and I can’t stand it any more
• My partner doesn’t show me any affection
• We have no love life
• My partner won’t take his/her share of the responsibilities
• My partner (or I) have had an affair
• We can’t agree on finances, child-rearing, or where to go on holidays
• My partner has to have his or her own way all the time
• I have problems with my in-laws, or interfering parents
• My partner is not supportive of me at all
• My partner won’t listen to me
• I don’t remember the last time we spent any quality time together or had a Date night
• We have a blended family. How do we manage stepchildren?
• I have no interest in sex any more
• Somehow I have lost myself in my relationship
• We can go days without talking

Our Approach to Marriage Counselling

Your first step is in deciding as a couple to do something positive about your relationship and to be open to new understandings and trying new things. The earlier you can make this choice, the simpler the process is, however we have helped many couples rebuild their relationship even at the point of imminent divorce.

When we have heard and understood what the issues are for each of you, we give you new insights or ways of seeing what has been happening between you. This positive focus from this point on is one of the secrets of our success. We have you working in the positives and with what you are both wanting as much as possible, rather than the complaining and critical mode that is most common when your relationship is in trouble.

As you progress, a deeper understanding between you and your partner grows, along with mutual appreciation.

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