The Affect Isolating at Home Is Having On Relationships

The Affect Isolating at Home Is Having On Relationships

Every marriage can have difficulties, and this happens to all of us at some stage. There are always positive and negative aspects of every partnership. When you realise you have the total support of your partner, the relationship can be precious and meaningful.

Any type of change or trauma can impact your marriage and affect your loved ones. This includes living in isolation. With so many people spending more time at home due to social isolation, couples are spending more time together than ever before.

Covid19 can have huge effects on relationships. Our experienced and caring relationship counselling services in Adelaide can help you.

Isolation due to COVID-19

Usually, one or both partners would be at work or spending some time with friends, family or on other hobbies. With social isolation, you are now in the same space all the time which can lead to frustration and arguments in many couples.

Any life event that causes stress and trauma can create sadness and pain and lead to conflict with your partner. If you feel detached from the person closest to you this can cause distress, sadness and the feeling of being alone, even though you are in close physical proximity with your partner. Our relationship counselling services in Adelaide can help.

If you are socially isolated from others, this feeling can be even more acute. There are also financial pressures and the need to give up other social activities. Social distancing can lead to mental health issues.

Couples that live separately are also suffering because of social isolation. You simply cannot see your loved one as often as you did. And for some with distance issues, they are apart for months at a time. You miss them and want to see them and are probably spending quite a lot of time alone.

What You Can Do?

Do not make assumptions about the other person and how they feel. This can lead to resentments as false expectations are laid down. Ask them how they feel.


Communication with your partner is very important. They may feel differently to you about what they are going through. It can be hard to keep open communication, especially if you are feeling upset or scared. This heightened tension can create heightened anxiety or strong negative emotions such as anger or frustration. Be mindful of your emotions. Try to be clear about how your feelings and use I statements to express them. If you say I feel angry, or upset, this is very different to “you make me feel” where you are putting blame on the other person.


We recommend that you allow yourself some grace. This is going to be a difficult time for everyone. Even couples and families with the best of intentions are likely to have some arguments during these times. You may have different opinions on the virus too, and the best ways to deal with it. Some want to know as much as possible, while their partner may prefer to take each day as it comes.

Whether you are a couple working at home or have a family with children that need entertainment, social isolation can be tough. We don’t know how long social isolation will last, and divorce lawyers are already forecasting a spike in break ups later in the year because of self-isolation.

Relationship Counselling Adelaide

If your relationship is affected by social isolation then relationship counselling can help with this. Our relationship counselling services in Adelaide create a safe environment where we can support and guide you and provide strategies for dealing with this.

Skype sessions are available from 9am to 9pm, 7 days per week. If you prefer face-to-face sessions, then our counsellors are available at our Adelaide office during these same hours.

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