Achieving True Work Life Balance With EAPs in Adelaide

Achieving True Work Life Balance With EAPs in Adelaide

What Is an EAP?

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is like a partnership with a dedicated EAP counselling provider that gives your staff access to therapy and counselling services for a host of issues and problems they may be experiencing.

This partnership creates easy access to EAP services for your staff and let’s your workforce know that they are supported and that their health and well-being are valued within your organisation.

It also provides access to counselling services for individuals within your workforce who may not have the time and/or the funds to access such services outside of the workplace.

What Issues Do Employees Face?

There can be a range of issues that employees are dealing with where they can benefit from an EAP. Some of these include that they could be suffering from depression or anxiety, there may be concerns with stress both work-related and/or personal, on-going bereavement from the loss of a loved one or family and relationship problems and concerns.

Family concerns can be a big factor and going through a divorce, a break up, becoming a new parent or being a care giver all take their toll on your workers.

Although not necessarily work related, these conditions and concerns can have a large impact on the individual’s ability to complete their work tasks and even to attend work each day. This can have a detrimental effect on the employee’s well-being and can cause even more stress and turmoil that can exacerbate the original condition.

How Do They Benefit Your Business?

It’s been demonstrated that when an employee is feeling emotionally stable and fulfilled in their work and personal life that they become a more productive employee. It’s also been shown that those suffering with mental health issues, personal relationship problems and going through times of grief are more likely to be less productive and fulfilled in their work and their jobs.

By providing a supportive working environment and providing your staff with access to EAPs in your Adelaide business, you’re not only improving the lives of your employees, you’re also creating a more productive and dedicated work force.

This has a flow on effect for the success of your organisation which is a win win for both your business and your staff members.

How EAPs Achieve Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance creates a synergy between the daily tasks and time spent in the workplace and the time individual employees have outside of work for family time, the daily commute, relationships outside of work, social interactions, sleep and general leisure activities.

Research has shown that striking the right balance between the two is an essential part of feeling fulfilled in both areas of your life, that being your personal and work life. EAPs go a long way towards creating harmony between the two aspects of their lives for your workers.

Having your employees know they are supported let’s them know they are valued. Providing counselling services through access to EAPs for your staff in Adelaide also allows them to manage stresses, life events and conflicts they may be experiencing in a healthy and productive way. This helps to promote a healthy work-life balance for the individual which impacts the business as a whole.

How Can You Access EAPs in Adelaide?

You can access EAPs in Adelaide through professional organisations like the Adelaide Counselling Practice who work with many organisations and their employees as part of a dedicated Employee Assistance Program.

If you’re a business, you can contact the team at Adelaide Counselling Practice to discuss offering help and assistance to your staff to achieve true work life balance which has a flow on effect in improving the productivity of your organisation as a whole.

If you’re an employee, talk to your employer about the type of support offered through their EAP and how that can benefit you with personalised counselling services and emotional support for your mental health and emotional well-being.

Call Adelaide Counselling Practice today to discuss gaining access to EAPs in Adelaide. Call (08) 8237 0509 or Contact Us through the website.

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