The Challenges Many People Face in Relationships

Relationships are complicated, just like people’s emotions. Some of the most common challenges that relationships face is poor communication, jealousy, daily stress, financial pressure, unrealistic expectations, busy schedules, goal blocking, money issues, taking conflicts personally and avoiding difficult conversations. Identifying and resolving these issues in the earlier stages can save a dying relationship. Some of the other relationship challenges are given below.

Recurring Conflicts

Most people experience recurring conflicts in relationships. People differ in opinions, values, desires, dreams, and perceptions. When these sorts of differences exist between partners, the needs, wants and desires of one or both can become unmet at some aspect of their relationship, which in turn causes conflict. Conflicts can range from mild disagreements to heated arguments.

Loss of Intimacy

Lack of intimacy is yet another relationship challenge that affects relationships negatively. Intimacy is much more than the physical connection. Intimacy is the emotional connection and bonding that exists between couples. It improves the powerful sense of being together. So, when intimacy vanishes, trust, respect, and communication also disappear slowly.

Personality Changes

The main issue that relationships suffer is due to changes. In most cases, one partner changes and expects or forces the other to adapt and adjust. There are also cases where both partners change, making it further complicated. This challenges their emotional connection and gets further aggravated when communication becomes broken. The arrival of children, losing someone close and suffering a chronic illness are a few instances in which partners tend to change.


Infidelity is increasingly one of the main relationship challenges. Many people, even those in committed relationships, cheat on their partners at some point. Though infidelity does not necessarily lead to breaking up or ending a relationship, it does drive a wedge between the couples and poses serious challenges in the relationship. Just knowing that your partner has cheated on you itself is a devastating situation.

Why do people cheat? People cheat for a variety of reasons, and it could involve just emotional attachment or physical as well. Falling out of love, boredom, high sexual desire, seeking variety and boosting self-esteem are some reasons why people cheat. So, whether or not the couples will get back in terms entirely depends on the emotional connection that exists between them. Relationship counselling can be an effective tool to restoring trust and intimacy after infidelity.