What Is a Psychotherapist & How Do I Access One In Adelaide?

What Is a Psychotherapist & How Do I Access One In Adelaide?

Psychotherapy continues to grow as a popular treatment and therapy for many mental health issues and emotional concerns, including depression, anxiety, issues with low self-esteem and relationship issues.

There are a number of benefits from receiving therapies from a psychotherapist and you can access their services in Adelaide at the Adelaide Counselling Practice.

Here’s some further information on what psychotherapy is and how it can be beneficial in treating many mental health concerns.

What Is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, is about opening a dialogue between the psychotherapist and the client to help provide understanding the root causes of their mental health issues and daily challenges.

It assists clients with understanding their deeper feelings, reactions and responses to external and internal stimuli based on habitual traits and past experiences.

Psychotherapy takes a deeper exploration into our past issues that can impact the way we deal with and respond to current situations and events. It involves talking through these issues and exploring them with an open dialogue in a one-on-one individual therapy session, as family or as a couple.

How Is a Psychotherapist Different?

A counsellor provides guidance, support and strategies for dealing with problems that are more immediate and resolving those issues with you as the client. Although working with your counsellor can last for weeks, months or sometimes years, it can also be a short term situation that can be resolved over a few sessions.

A psychotherapist usually requires a longer-term commitment from the client to truly delve into the root causes of their current situation and mental health issues. This is because a psychotherapist goes deeper into your past experiences and sees how that impacts the way you respond and react emotionally and psychologically to current circumstances, events, work stresses and within your relationships with partners, family and friends.

What To Expect In Your Session

When going to see a counsellor or psychotherapist in Adelaide, it is a good idea to consider the issues and concerns you have that you wish to overcome and that are challenging you and impacting your life before you go to your session. You could also write these down as a guide for when you start your sessions.

If you are attending a session or a number of sessions with a psychotherapist, some of what you can expect is that your psychotherapist will guide you and ask questions to get to know your past and your present situation and experiences.

They will get to understand how this impacts your day-to-day life and what effect external events have on your emotions and how you respond to those events and situations.

This will provide your psychotherapist with the knowledge and understanding of how to develop strategies and tools to help you overcome unresolved issues from your past and help teach you healthy ways to manage your emotional and psychological responses in the future.

What Do Psychotherapists Treat?

There are a number of mental health issues and general challenges that can be assisted with treatment from a psychotherapist in Adelaide.

These can range from general feelings of low self-confidence, experiences of depression and anxiety, problems with relationships in both couples and family situations, clients suffering from PTSD and anyone who is facing stress and challenges in their daily life.

Really anyone who is experiencing mental health issues, emotional distress, relationship problems or general daily or work-related stress can benefit from the help of a psychotherapist.

Finding a Psychotherapist in Adelaide

Adelaide Counselling Practice has both male and female Psychotherapists available for week days and on weekends from 9am – 9pm. Our psychotherapists can also visit you at your Home or Workplace (within 20 kms of the Adelaide CBD) or are available for Telephone & Skype sessions.

Contact us on (08) 8237 0509 for a confidential conversation or to book an appointment.