What Are the Important Questions To Ask Your Relationship Counsellor?

What Are the Important Questions To Ask Your Relationship Counsellor?

Relationship counselling, also called couples therapy or marriage counselling, is the best way to resolve issues and improve the psychological wellbeing of you and your partner when in a committed relationship.

Here are the following important questions to ask your relationship counsellor in Adelaide:

What Is Your Area of Expertise?

Not all psychotherapists and counsellors have the expertise in relationship counselling. They may be generalists or may have a different area of specialisation. So, you need to make sure if they have the expertise in relationship counselling. At Adelaide Counselling Practice, we have male and female experienced and qualified relationship counsellors available by appointment.

How Will You Help Us?

Relationships are not easy. As couples, you will come across different challenges, where the dynamics of your relationship starts changing, and you will start experiencing various emotions. Therefore, it’s important to ask this question to ascertain if your therapist is the right fit for your relationship issues, problems and challenges.

What Is Your Approach to Couple’s Therapy?

When it comes to relationship counselling, different counsellors use different approaches. Nowadays, most therapists use one or more evidence-based approaches, such as compassion-based approaches or cognitive behavioural approaches to improve relationships. Some focus on bringing positive changes in lifestyle and behaviour while others focus on the bigger picture by going deep and finding out the root of issues in your relationship.

What Is Your Counselling Style?

Counselling style also varies with different relationship counsellors. It’s usually a personal style. Some therapists let you lead while others lead you as per their plan. In addition, some counselling style includes homework and skill training. Knowing these things beforehand will help you decide if this relationship counselling method would be a good fit for you and your partner.

Some other questions are:

  1. How Much Do You Charge per Session?
  2. How Long Does a Session Last?
  3. Can I Take This Therapy Online?
  4. What Are Your Hours Of Operation?

Relationship Counselling in Adelaide

At Adelaide Counselling Practice, we have well experienced, accredited, and supportive relationship counsellors to help couples with exceptional care and strategies, 7 days a week from 9 am to 9 pm. Get in touch with us to learn more about our relationship counselling services and to book an appointment.