Tools to Building A Strong Relationship

Tools to Building A Strong Relationship

Relationships are boundless and fundamental. It can be a romantic relationship, marriage, parent-child or friends and professional relationship. Every relationship requires some basic principles and intangible tools to make it a strong, healthy, and thriving relationship.

What Makes a Healthy Relationship?

Every relationship is different, and so are the people involved. There are lots of reasons that can drive a wedge in any relationship, but the good thing is there are also ways to build or rebuild them.

When people come together for various reasons under different circumstances, it becomes a melange of personalities. This can generate conflict and a clash of personalities in any relationship. However, these clashes can be minimised when you start acknowledging the views, goals, and agendas of the other person. That’s the key to building a strong relationship. So, how do you get to know them? Here are some tools that can help you strengthen your relationship.

Be the First One To Build Rapport

The first essential thing that any successful relationship needs is to build rapport. When you say rapport, it’s not something you can get with ease. It takes time, be it in a family, friends, couple, or work relationship. Only with a good rapport – trust, mutual respect and understanding blossom.

To begin with, you need to be open-minded to check with the other person and ask them freely about anything you wanted to know or just talk about. As you talk, you create an opportunity to understand more about them as a person and their interests. Also, you are taking a step to let them know you are interested in them.

This helps, especially in friendships, parent-child, and co-worker relationships. Further, appreciating them takes things to the next level. When people get acknowledged and appreciated for even the little things, they feel motivated and valued. So, by valuing and giving your support, your relationship gets stronger as it goes by.

Never Hesitate To Show Your Weakness

The second essential thing, and most probably the one you wouldn’t want to show anyone, is vulnerability. Most of the time, conversations never get deeper as they should because you don’t want to show your weaknesses. Vulnerability, on the contrary, is not a weakness but a place from where authenticity flows. A place that promotes empathy and strengthens the bond in any relationship.

So, how revealing or talking about your weakness to your partner or your friend helps build trust? Your vulnerability serves as a mirror for your partner to understand you better and on a deeper level. This is crucial for building a strong, long-lasting relationship.

Listen With Care

The last and most important tool to build any strong relationship is to lend an ear – be it your partner, child, friend, or colleague. When you care enough to actively listen and try to understand them, you create a safe place, helping them express their emotions without fear. So, once you have listened to them, try to comfort them or give a solution without being judgemental. This, in turn, builds more trust and rapport in your relationship, which is crucial in building a sustainable and lasting relationship.


Building a strong relationship takes work. For more guidance and help, contact our expert counsellors at Adelaide Counselling Practice. We provide marriage, relationship, family, and couples counselling services seven days a week, from 9 am to 9 pm.