The Issues & Concerns Family Counselling Can Assist With

The Issues & Concerns Family Counselling Can Assist With

At times it can be hard to have harmonious relationships. Adelaide Counselling Practice supports & guides your family by working with individuals, couples and the family as a unit. We can teach you to use effective communication, manage anger appropriately & learn to work together. We provide you with strategies, tools & techniques which can help you with any difficult challenges that you or your family may face.

Issues Facing Families

There are many issues that affect family members in modern times. These can include:
• Relationships
• Grief & Loss
• Infidelity
• Separation
• Divorce
• Children’s behavioural issues
• Illness or injury
• Financial struggles & conflict
• Stress, Anxiety, Depression
• Drug & Alcohol addiction
• Eating disorders
• Conflict
• Different Parenting Styles
• Anger
• Communication

Family Counselling in Adelaide

Adelaide Counselling Practice can help you with life’s difficulties. Often many of these can be family or relationship related. We have worked with thousands of clients over the years. Our therapists are highly experienced and educated to work with individuals, couples, and families to find the best solution to your individual family problems.

Other examples of issues we can assist you with are:

• Emotional, Physical & Sexual abuse
• Pre- Marriage and Marriage counselling
• Break up counselling
• Post-natal depression
• Responsibilities in the home

Professional Assistance for Your Important Relationships

If your relationship or family situation is a source of stress, frustration or despair our therapists can help. There are many issues that can make life at home hard. This can be the expectations of each other, our children, work and financial pressures and more. Our counsellors can work with you in a supportive, safe and caring environment to allow you and your family to make positive changes that can lead to a happier future for all concerned.

We provide individual, couple and family sessions.

Improved Communication

We can help by improving the communication between you and your partner or family members. We will teach you effective & assertive ways to talk with each other about issues that are causing conflict within your relationships.

Marriage / Couples Counselling

We help you to communicate in an honest, kind & caring manner so that your relationships and home life are operating at their happiest and in the most functional way. We help you to stay on track and teach you methods of communication that will stop problems from escalating within your marriage and within the family. We help you to operate from a position of love, respect and fairness.

Professional, experienced & accredited Psychotherapists and Counsellors

Adelaide Counselling Practice has been in operation since 2007 and it was started by the late Kayla van Bruinessen. Kayla’s husband, Bob van Bruinessen soon joined the practice and we started to grow. We offer a high level of commitment to the relationship and family counselling in Adelaide. For testimonials from our clients see here.

We use evidence based counselling and psychological approaches & techniques in our work with relationship and family counselling clients in our Adelaide based practice. We have helped thousands of people with challenges they have experienced in relation to issues such as anxiety, depression, stress and many other issues. We can help you to build stronger, kinder and more loving relationships.

Our experienced counsellors listen to you, are understanding & compassionate, and they ensure the counselling process is respectful, safe, private & confidential. We will provide guidance, education and teach you new strategies, techniques and tools which you can practice and use in between sessions. By putting what you are learning into practice you are much more likely to improve your relationships with others.

Please contact us to organise an appointment on 8237 0509 or email: We have sessions available, 7 days a week between 8am and 9pm. We also do Skype or Telephone counselling and for your convenience, we can come to your home or workplace as well. Thank you for considering Adelaide Counselling Practice, to assist you with any relationship or family counselling. Please contact us today.