Reaching Out to Counsellors Whilst in Social Isolation in Adelaide

Reaching Out to Counsellors Whilst in Social Isolation in Adelaide

In the current world of social isolation caused by the global crisis of Covid-19, we’ve found many people are suffering the effects of this, across Adelaide.

This can result in relationship problems and breakdowns, marriage issues and even depression and anxiety and general feelings of isolation and despair.

There is help for these relationships, loneliness and mental health issues in Adelaide, and it’s easier to access than you might think.

Adelaide Counselling Practice offers qualified and experienced counsellors and psychotherapists providing counselling services in Adelaide via Skype and phone sessions.

This allows you to seek help for marriage and relationship problems, as well as many mental health concerns, without leaving the safety and security of your home.

Skype Counselling

Wherever you are located throughout Adelaide and surrounding areas, our team of counsellors are available for Skype online counselling sessions. This allows you to see and speak to your counsellor or psychotherapists in Adelaide within the safety of your home or office.

There’s no need to risk social distancing practices when you can reach out for mental health and relationship and family related counselling with our Skype online counselling services.

Phone Counselling

If you’re not comfortable with the technologies of Skype, then there is the effective alternative of contacting our team of Adelaide based counsellors via telephone.

This is a very effective method and allows for you to open up to your counsellor and help to work through any relationship, isolation or mental health issues you may be experiencing at this present time.

Relationship & Marriage Counselling

One of the most common types of counselling we offer is relationship counselling. With everyone being at home more often, there has been a spike in relationship conflicts and concerns with many couples across Adelaide.

Relationship counselling via Skype allows for you and your partner to discuss these conflicts and struggles in a safe environment with a professional who can offer guidance and strategies to help resolve past conflicts and provide healthy approaches to deal with future issues.

Individual Counselling Adelaide

As we all spend more time at home and less time socialising and spending time with our loved ones, this can create many feelings of loneliness and isolation.

For some, this will progress to depression and anxiety, however, even those not suffering from these more chronic mental health conditions can find it difficult to deal with the current isolation.

If you’re experiencing any feelings of being down, isolated or feelings of loneliness it can be highly beneficial to reach out to a counsellor in Adelaide for individual counselling services. Our highly trained team can provide you with coping strategies in the current social distancing climate.

Call us on (08) 8237 0509 or view our team and find the right counsellor for you.