How to Build a Happy Marriage

How to Build a Happy Marriage

There are many stresses that a marriage and intimate relationship can experience. It’s often difficult to keep the intimacy and affection going with all the daily struggles of life, work, and family.

Some of the reasons couples find themselves choosing marriage counselling due to issues from everything from child rearing challenges, financial struggles and decision making, extended family relationships, breakdown in communication, regular conflict and even infidelity.

The Importance of The Relationship

Building a happy marriage is essential to the well-being of couples across Adelaide. This is because the relationship is often the primary relationship for both partners, and, therefore, you want it to be an emotionally safe, giving and nurturing one.

Building a happy marriage is something that doesn’t happen overnight. It requires nurturing the relationship over time. Here’s some tips to building a happy marriage.

Focus on The Positives

Often we focus so much on the negatives in life and get bogged down on the losses and failures. We can even get so focused on these negatives and down times that we forget to celebrate the wins and positives that occur in our day to day lives. Learning to recognise the highlights and really celebrate these as a couple is absolutely essential to building a happy marriage.

Reach Out to Support Systems

Staying connected to family and friends outside of the relationship can be crucial to building and strengthening the marriage. A marriage should be seen as a primary relationship, but it isn’t healthy for the marriage to be your only source of nourishment, companionship, and security.

Having bonds with family and friends outside of the marriage is highly beneficial to both your mental and emotional well-being and it also has flow on effects to building a happy marriage.

Outside Interests

It has been shown that couples who have outside interests and relationships outside of the marriage have a healthier marriage. This doesn’t mean that shared interests are not important, but having hobbies, activities, bonds, or companionship outside of the marriage can have a flow on effect back to making a happier marriage.

Practicing Gratitude

Practicing gratitude sounds simple but can often take practice and learning. Being grateful for the marriage itself, being grateful for the life you’ve built together and practicing that gratitude on a daily basis goes a long way to building a happy marriage, and a happy life together.

Communication is Key

One of the most important elements of a happy marriage is having open and caring communication. Communicating with your partner can be loving and supportive and help you to understand where your partner is coming from. Open communication means truly comprehending and listening to your partner’s words and the emotions they’re conveying to you.

This type of communication is an essential element to a happy marriage. It can be a difficult skill to develop and even harder if it has not previously existed within the union. Marriage counselling helps build communication between couples in a supportive, safe, and caring environment.

Where Marriage Counselling Comes In

Achieving a happy marriage comes from a lot of hard work. Day to day life can often stand in the way of getting all the tools in order necessary to build a happy marriage and life together. It is here that marriage counselling in Adelaide can be highly beneficial.

A qualified marriage counsellor in Adelaide will provide you with the tools to help open communication in the relationship, resolve conflicts as they arise and talk about the hard things that can often cause arguments when spoken about in an environment where there is no marital counsellor to mediate.

If you’re looking to strengthen your marriage and bring happiness back into your partnership, then contact the friendly, experienced and supportive marriage counsellors at Adelaide Counselling Practice or call us on (08) 8237 0509.