How Pre-Marriage Counselling Can Benefit Couples

How Pre-Marriage Counselling Can Benefit Couples

Marriage is one of the most important events in your life. Most couples who decide to join hands through marriage dream or wish for a stable and happy marriage. However, stepping to the next level of a relationship takes consideration. There are many challenges which you may not necessarily know how to handle or be aware of. That’s where pre-marriage counselling gives you a helping hand.

What Is Pre-Marriage Counselling?

Pre-marriage counselling is a therapy that helps you prepare for marriage. It strengthens your relationship by mentally preparing and encouraging both you and your spouse. It teaches you the essential skills to handle different challenges and rough times that you may come across in your marriage. Most importantly, it helps couples understand the importance of marriage and set realistic goals.

The Need for Pre-Marriage Counselling

Marriage is a long-term relationship and commitment with lots of ups and downs. Now that you are ready to take this big step, what assurance do you have that your marriage will work just the way you thought? This is where the problem begins. Many couples enter this long-term commitment with little or no preparation. They have no real idea about their needs or expectations from the marriage.

So, how does pre-marriage counselling help? Firstly, many couples don’t realise the need to discuss important topics before marriage. Their goals, expectations, agreements on finances, sex, children, and family relationships. This can include the division of responsibilities like household chores can also become a roadblock in many marriages. Therefore, in pre-marriage counselling, couples are encouraged to discuss their expectations, views, and interests. It helps provide a deeper understanding to negotiate essential matters in marriage.

Secondly, some marriages end in divorce due to poor communication. Many couples do not know how to listen or express themselves in a way that can resolve problems. So, when a relationship lags in communication, negative actions and reactions become persistent. One tries to defend as the other spouse continues to accuse or talk unpleasantly.

It can lead to endless negative conversations resulting in resentment, anger or hurting experiences. Ultimately, they become the reasons for couples to stonewall each other, ending up in divorce. This is where pre-marriage counselling becomes a prerequisite. Pre-marriage counselling equips couples with the essential tools of proper communication and helps them make decisions that nurture their relationship.

Benefits of Pre-Marriage Counselling

There are many benefits to pre-marriage counselling that ensures couples a long-lasting happy, and successful marriage.

  • Pre-marriage counselling improves communication, compatibility, intimacy, decision making, parenting skills, family relationships, work-life balance and lays a strong foundation for marriage.
  • Pre-marriage counselling teaches you and your partner how to listen, communicate and express complex emotions.
  • Through pre-marriage counselling, you get the chance to discuss various aspects of marriage, including finances, spiritual views, social needs, and other beliefs before marriage. Most importantly, it allows you to express your needs, weaknesses, or issues beforehand.
  • Pre-marriage counselling reduces the risk of divorce. It educates the importance of open-mindedness and empathy. Above all, it encourages self-reflection, thereby facilitating a better understanding of yourself and your spouse.
  • It also benefits couples who suffer from emotional pain, doubts, or issues from a previous relationship.

Pre-Marriage Counselling Service Adelaide

Pre-marriage counselling is essential for engaged couples to build a successful marriage together. So, if you want to talk to someone who’ll listen to your issues and concerns from a non-judgemental environment, we can help you. Our friendly and professional team of pre-marriage counsellors can assist you in identifying any potential issues. We provide valuable guidance and support to ensure you build a quality life together. We also offer relationship, marriage, and couple’s counselling services seven days a week, from 9 am to 9 pm.