What is our Process for Marriage Counselling

To start with you have a choice in the counsellor that you wish to work with.

After your first session your counsellor will discuss with you whether further sessions are useful.

At the completion of each session thereafter, your counsellor will review your progress with you.

The decision to continue or not is always yours.

We can work with you on many different issues that are impacting on your marriage, and we use a variety of evidence based psychological approaches to assist you.

Our counsellors work together with you to identify the most pressing issues and focus on those to help you improve your relationship as soon as possible.

Our approach to working with you is based on respect, impartiality and understanding.

You are in the driving seat, and we will guide you, educate you and support you in making positive changes in your relationship.

There is no such thing as a quick fix, however with time, effort, and patience you are increasing your chances of improving your relationship to the standard that you are wanting to achieve.