Navigating New Romantic Relationships

Unlike how Hollywood portrays it, relationships don’t just happen; they are hard work, especially new relationships. The beginning of a relationship can be challenging. The early months can often even make or break the progression into a relationship.

Remember, there are no guidelines or rulebooks when it comes to relationships. So, how do you navigate difficult times and stand the test of time? Here are a few tips to help you prepare yourself for when the honeymoon phase wears off.

Remember Your Partner Changes Everyday

Changes are an unavoidable part of any relationship, and it is very normal. However, for the success of your relationship, you must embrace the change. Your partner may bore you sometimes, bug you or even anger you. As a result, your feelings may also wax and wane, especially in the early stages.

Learn to embrace the changes and address the problem areas for a more stable future. It is always better to argue (civilly) rather than suppress your anger.

Focus on the Present

It is common to bring the burdens of the past into your current relationship; after all, a broken heart is not a pleasant feeling. Unfortunately, while these fears protect you from heartbreak, it also prevents you from being happy in your relationship.

Instead, focus on what makes your current partner different. Take time to understand their likes, dislikes, and personality traits. Get to know them while they are getting to know you.

Be a Good Listener

More often than not, we strive to stay in control, forgetting that there’s another point of view. And this is a significant problem destroying relationships. Instead of making your point, stop and listen to your partner. Prior to responding, let them know that you have heard what they have to say. Listening patiently goes a long way toward understanding each other.

Be Supportive

This is one area many overlook, resulting in broken relationships and heartbreaks. Stand by your partner, both in good and challenging times. Support them and give them strength during their most vulnerable times. Appreciating them for their accomplishments also helps.

Establish a Solid Foundation

The honeymoon phase of your relationship is not going to last forever. Anyone in for the long haul will tell you there’s more to it than the initial spark. Every relationship has ups and downs. Playing tug of war won’t get you anywhere. Remember, “United we stand, divided we fall.” Work together to build a strong foundation in the initial stages so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labour in the long term.