Drug, Alcohol & Gambling Addiction Counselling

Drug, Alcohol & Gambling Addiction Counselling

The use of drugs, alcohol or the need to gamble may become a problem if it interferes with your day to day functioning or if you are just simply unable to stop this behaviour. These addictions can reach all areas of your life including your relationships, friends, family and jobs which can lead to hurt and destruction.

Adelaide Counselling Practice can help you begin the journey to take back control of your life and live free from these addictions. We understand these addictions are usually an attempt to mask or hide underlying issues that are not resolved and causing great pain.

In the short term, these addictive behaviours allow us to escape the negative feelings by working on the pleasure centre of the brain and make us feel better. Unfortunately, these addictions do not provide a long term solution.

Our counsellors work with you to identify the underlying issues that may be contributing to the continued urge to use drugs, alcohol or gambling. They also provide you with strategies and tools to help you regain control over your life and learn alternative ways of coping rather than the reliance on these addictions.

In addition, our counsellors understand your family members may be struggling with your addictions. They too are living with the addiction and may need some support and tools on how to cope. Your family members can benefit from learning ways to support and help you to make positive and lifelong changes.

Our counsellors will assist you and your family to find a new and rewarding life that is not controlled and damaged by these addictions. Contact us on (08) 8237 0509.

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