Counselling Services For Abuse

Counselling Services For Abuse

Counselling for Sexual or Emotional Abuse

Whether it is you or someone you know that has been the victim of abuse as a child or an adult, abuse has now been recognised as a common occurrence in today’s society.
Abuse can be in the form of domestic violence, emotional abuse, elder abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, child abuse, or some other form of trauma.

It is now well understood that any of these unfortunate experiences may have life-long effects on their victims and families.

People who have been exposed to abuse may report symptoms including depression, eating disorders, anxiety and panic, attachment disorders, difficulty establishing or maintaining intimate relationships, trust issues, anger management difficulties, sexual difficulties, addictions or compulsions, mood disorders, self-harm, feelings of emptiness, and a lack of reality.

Many tools can be given to people who are suffering the effects of abuse. One of the greatest tools is to realise we are not alone in the way we feel and these feelings and issues can be resolved with quality care and attentive listening between counsellor and client.

If you’re looking for support for sexual or emotional abuse, then contact our counsellors on Ph: (08) 8237 0509

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